A Short Introduction to the

Interesting WWW Links

by Heikki Kantola

Chapter V: Books, magazines and newspapers

Reading is a nice hobby and since the advent of the Internet even more and more publications have entered the electronic world. I've collected here some of the most interesting ones, although there sure is many more available, see for example the Online Books page or Google Directory - News > Newspapers for good listings.



Even as you can't get books from libraries via the 'Net, you can possibly check which books they currently have on the shelves.

Helsinki City Library [FI] [SV]
With Helmet search system you can search Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen Public Libraries' Bibliographic Database
HELKA Libraries [FI]
The Libraries of various University of Helsinki departments (+ few other libraries) have a common HELKA database, which one can seach via WWW-interface.
Muisti [FI] [SV]
Project for digitization and network delivery of the Finnish national collection.
Library of Congress
A nifty WWW page with lots of interesting information.


City-Lehti [FI] :-\
Finnish bimonthly magazine for urban youth
Talentum [FI] :-(
Publisher of various Finnish computer and business magazines
Future publishing
British publisher of several magazines
The weekly news magazine's nice online edition
Wired's famous online version
Ylioppilaslehti [FI]
Student magazine published by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki.
Yliopisto [FI] :-\
Biweekly scientific and news magazine of the University of Helsinki.
Universitas Helsingiensis
The Quarterly of University of Helsinki.
heise online [DE]
Publisher of c't, iX and few other German computer magazines. Some articles also in English.


The Electronic Telegraph
One of the first electronic news papers
The Times :-\
Online version of the tradional British newspaper
Helsingin Sanomat [FI]
Online version of the largest Finnish daily newspaper
Iltalehti [FI]
Online edition of the Finnish tabloid.
Ilta-Sanomat [FI]
The other Finnish tabloid
Kouvolan Sanomat [FI] :-\
The leading newspaper of my home district of Northern Kymenlaakso [FI] :-(

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