A Short Introduction to the

Interesting WWW Links

by Heikki Kantola


Once upon a time I got this brilliant idea idea to collect the most of the useful and useless WWW links I need frequently in one place as I'm starting to getting fed up with having several different bookmark files for the different WWW browsers I'm using on different computers. I'm not trying reinvent the wheel by making another Yahoo as I try to concentrate on things which interest me. Due that fact I've also used the mirror sites best for me whenever possible.


I take no responsibility over the material provided on the pages into which I've made links to, nor I'm resposible if you've problems to connect the sites (although I would appreciate if you could drop me a line if I happen to have non-functioning URLs on my pages).


On these pages I've used some tricks from the now expired HTML3 draft to make them prettier, but I've also had a principle to keep them readable on WWW browsers with lesser capabilities (eg. Netscape).

I've also used the following symbol notation to provide certain aspects of the pages into which the links point:

Extensive use of various languages (other than English) I've marked with the following:
[FI] [FI]
suomenkielistä tietoa
Finnish information
[SV] [SV]
någonting på svenska
Swedish information
[DE] [DE]
Seiten auf deutsch
German information
[FR] [FR]
Informatique français (sp?)
French information
Page format
This symbol means that the link points to page with extensive use of graphics. Not really funny if you're using text-only browser (eg. Lynx) or have slow modem connection.
The poor soul who has designed these pages has misunderstood the concept of HTML (it defines the structure of the document, not the exact layout!) and has filled the pages with the evil, non-standard HTML extensions which will ruin the enjoyment when not using Netscape or Micro$oft Internet Explorer...


Ok, enough crap talk, let's get into the business: here's the index of this link collection. I've divived the links into following categories:

  1. Internet:
    WWW Browsers, search engines & indexes, HTML, Usenet News and IRC.
  2. TV, radio & film
  3. Fun stuff:
    games, jokes, comics, music, food and sports
  4. People
  5. Books, magazines and newspapers
  6. Language and linguistics
  7. Computers
  8. Countries
  9. Misc.Information:
    FAQs, currency rates, weather, today, timetables
  10. Tech

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