A Short Introduction to the

Interesting WWW Links

by Heikki Kantola

Chapter III: Fun Stuff

World is full of many boring things, but then there's luckily also lots of little happy things to cheer up our short lives on this small planet of ours (or was there any aliens from the outer space reading this? :)).


The Linux Game Tome
Information centre for Linux (and other Un*x-type OS) games.
Some of my favourite computer games are:
  • FreeCiv - Free Civilization game for X11.
  • XPilot - the multiplayer gravity war game for X11
  • Roguelike Games, especially Nethack
  • XConq - Empire-like strategy game with editing facilities
  • Jokes

    Need a good lough to cheer you up? Try the following to amuse yourself...


    Audible fun.

    RockData :(
    Definite source for Finnish Rock music
    Fono.fi Record Database
    Information about music in YLE's record collection

    TV and film

    Although watching these are also fun stuff, I've dedicated separate chapter for them.


    Eating is fun! YUM! YUM!

  • Sausage reviews By Akateeminen Kius-Seura [FI]
  • UniCafe runs the cafeterias and restaurants around the University of Helsinki. The menus are available online. [FI]
  • AirlineMeals.net - lots of information about airline meals
  • Sports

    Although I'm mostly into spectator sports only, I find sporting fun...

    Football (ok, soccer for those preferring to call some bastardization where you most of the time held ball on hands as "football")


    News services & indexes

    Finnish sport news and links [FI] :-\
    The Sports Network
    Nice sport news service.
    ESPN :-\
    Comprehensive sources for international (infact somewhat US-centered) sport news
    Plenty of sport results and other information offered by the sport TV channel
    Sky Sports
    Yet another (this time, British oriented) sport news site provided by sport TV channel
    YLE Urheilu [FI] :-(
    Finnish view on sport news
    MTV3 Urheilu [FI] :-(
    Second Finnish view on sport news

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