A Short Introduction to the

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by Heikki Kantola

Chapter II: TV, Radio & Film

What's on just now?

Some TV & radio channels/companies

The Finnish Broadcasting Company
MTV 3 [FI] :-/
Finnish commercial TV channel
Nelonen [FI]
The other commercial Finnish TV-channel
The British Broadcasting Corporation
The News Channel
Music Television
On Air Finland [FI] [SV]
Comprehensive guide for Finnish radio and TV stations.-->

Miscellaneous TV resources

A lot of episode guides for various TV shows
Provides good episode guides and other information about many TV shows.
Wiki-type site for episode guides and other TV related information.
TV Comedy Database
Plenty of information about British comedies and comedians

Miscellaneous film resources

Internet Movie Database UK and USA
Almost everything you wanted to know about films (and TV shows) but were afraid to ask.
Finnish Film Foundation [FI]
Good source for information about Finnish film production
Comprehensive database on films shown in Finland
Finnkino [FI] :-/
The largest film distributor in Finland
Surfcity - Elokuvat [FI]
Reviews by Harri Närhi and other movie information from City-lehti
Valtion elokuvatarkastamo [FI]
Finnish film certification authority.

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